March 29 2018 0Comment

Why Rendering is the Ideal Exterior Solution

You can choose pretty much any exterior surface you want nowadays, from aluminium cladding to old-fashioned bricks, but many people are choosing cement rendering due to, among other factors, its versatility.

It also works for interior rendering, but it’s outside that it comes into its own – it’s cost-effective and comes in different colours for a start…

It looks great

Cement rendering has a unique look and works particularly well with modern-built homes; you can choose the right shade of cement for your neighbourhood and style, brightening up the area and adding value.

A lot of people are guilty of thinking about the interior of their homes and forgetting about the exterior but if you want to get that special homecoming feeling before you even open the front door, then unique rendering could be the answer.

It’s protective

Regardless of colour and finish, your rendering has the basic purpose of protecting your walls from the weather. Cement rendering is very durable and can last for several decades, regardless of whatever the elements throw at you.

Attractive rendering adds value to your home

House-hunters who know about the advantages of cement rendering will be happy to pay a bit extra for your home if it’s on the market. Even people who don’t know about it will be taken with the looks – they’ll only love it more when they do discover the benefits.

It’s cheaper than you might imagine

Cement rendering is actually one of the cheaper options for your exterior, so if you’re looking for a whole new image but you don’t have the budget for an entire remodel, then a nice new (and very durable) coating is a great compromise.

Did you know it was durable?

Your rendering can go for four or five years in between coats of paint, so you can imagine how long it’ll last before the cement itself needs painting. This is the biggest benefit by far when it comes to this type of rendering.

It’s also good insulation

A layer of cement can keep your house cool in summer and keep more heat in when it’s chillier out there. If you have a layer of cement rendering inside and out then you’ll be cutting your air-con and heating bills down.