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Is it time to update the exterior brickwork of your home?

Are you looking to update the exterior of your home with a render or paint? The latest exterior finishes not only provide a weatherproof coating, but also modernise your property. If you’re not happy with how the outside of your home looks now and prefer a clean, contemporary style, then we would suggest that a render finish will completely transform the appearance of your home.

The facade of neighbouring homes, your budget and of course what planning laws approve, will all have an influence on the final finish you choose for the exterior of your house. Applying a coat of render over exterior brick walls is a fantastic way to give your home a facelift, particularly if the current external walls are in poor condition, are a mix of mismatched finishes or are unattractive.

Applications for Render Coating

Render finish can be applied to either create a smooth, patterned or textured finish and it also comes in a choice of colourways. It is possible to apply a render finish to both new and old properties, improving your home’s insulation at the same time. Although cement render has been around as a building material for many years, the precise finish of a smooth rendered exterior is now more of a popular choice with residents for their contemporary styled homes. Render is also advised for use on buildings in exposed places, or seaside homes, as it provides an additional layer of protection from the weather elements.

Take a look at these various finish options we are able to provide for renovating your house, to cover old brickwork walls and discover which will create the look you desire and also fit your budget.

  • 2-Coat Cement Render followed by a Paint finish
  • Render, Acrylic Texture and Paint
  • 2-Coat Cement Render to front, remainder of house bagged (cost saving option) followed by a Paint coat

The exterior of your home is the first sight that greets any visitors or potential buyers if you are selling, so ensuring that it has fantastic kerb appeal is important.