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Things to Look for in Your Rendering Company

First of all, you shouldn’t try to do your own rendering or plastering, no matter how good you think you’ll be. Rendering is a highly-skilled job which has its own techniques, tools and even scaffolding, so you need a professional. Here’s what to look for in your ideal rendering company.

It’ll have great reviews

Not just anonymous reviews on their own website, but word-of-mouth reviews from friends, families and neighbours. Make sure you check out photos, as well as visit previous jobs in person.

They’ve already done similar work

Ask what they’ve done before and what qualifications they have, as well as how many years of experience the company has between its staff members.

They’re friendly

Your renderers will be spending a few days at your house so you need to feel comfortable with them. Don’t engage anyone with reviews that include “cheap but sullen and left a mess,” for example.

They give detailed quotes

Most companies will give you a rough estimate over the phone, but if they’re halfway professional they’ll want to visit your house to calculate a more detailed, accurate and final quote. They’ll want to see the state of the walls and to work out the exact area that needs covering.

You should get three or more quotes that include travel, the removal of your existing plaster or render and its disposal, and also the scaffolding if it’s needed. You also need to find out how much the warranty is and how long it lasts.

Hiring your ideal renderer

You need to be clear with your rendering company about how much work will be carried out, how much each part costs, how long each phase will last and how you’ll make payment. Don’t forget to ask for your renderer’s insurance documents and to pin down what happens if there’s damage or the job isn’t finished on time or up to your specified standard.

Ideally you should only pay 25% of the total balance upfront and you should keep the final 10-25% of the total amount back until you’re satisfied with the work.