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Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

Now that springtime is approaching, it’s time to get your house in tip-top condition, not only on the inside, but also to consider the exterior of your property. Kerb appeal means more than just an attractive looking house – it’s a house where the door is flawlessly painted, the railings are in perfect condition and the front garden is well-presented.

You can tidy up your home’s exterior by rendering over ugly brickwork, a procedure which has become increasingly popular with householders. Render provides many functions including weather protection and for decorative aspects.

What colours and finish?

Rendering external walls provides more variety than any other options of exterior decorative finishes. There is an enormous pallet of colours and textures but try not to go too crazy with your choice! It’s advisable to choose your render colours to be more sensible than the colour on your front door and remember to consider the period age of your house and also the effect of the neighbour’s colour scheme, or colours may clash.

External colouring requires both knowledge and inspiration. With the correct decisions, the results will create a fantastic, aesthetic image to revitalise the property and the surrounding area.

Recent Trends

When it comes to exterior render colour choice, it appears we have entered the world of greys. From the richest of charcoal right through to dirty, stoney and smoky, there are plenty to choose from, yet taupe, cream and stone colours are still in vogue with the new build properties. Opt for something different to the norm to showcase your personality or maybe consider a two-toned selection, using a brighter colour to break up the grey shade. If you decide on a darker colour, consider that a dark exterior shade can increase the internal heat of your house whereas lighter colours need more upkeep to stay looking fresh and clean.

If you’re planning a refresh of the exterior of your home this spring, now is the time to speak to our render specialists, who can advise and suggest the optimal colours for your exterior render. Get in touch with our team today, and get your home ready for summer.