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How to spend your tax return cash

Many people use their Tax Refund as an unexpected windfall, and as there is no place like home, what better way to spend these spare dollars on keeping your home in tip top shape and looking amazing. Home renovations are a great excuse for spending your tax refund cash allowing you to take care of all those repairs and upgrades you’ve been meaning to do for a long while. You could consider renewing your kitchen units or updating your bathroom, perhaps replacing your old windows and doors. While your refund may not fund major home improvements such as extensive building extensions, it will probably cover the costs of updating the exterior of your home with a fabulous, stylish, render finish.

Why choose a render finish?

Walking along a typical street in a residential area, you will notice a variety of properties, some older, some more modern properties, but you will also notice a mixture of exterior finishes. Many will have exposed brick, some timber or plastic cladding, while many other will have a coloured render exterior. The main reason that homeowners render their house is to improve the aesthetics and appearance of their property. A coat of render can really revitalize the look of a shabby exterior wall, while having the opportunity to give the rest of the exterior of the property a facelift. Applying a layer of render coating will absolutely change the appearance of your property, giving it a smooth, contemporary finish.

Penetrating Damp and Thermal Performance

Render is often chosen as an exterior finish to treat penetrating damp and water ingress problems. In very exposed areas, some types of brickwork can be predisposed to damp issues if exposed to inclement weather conditions. You can prevent this type of damp occurring in your property by applying a render coating to the exterior walls. Applying a render coat will also provide an insulating effect.

Rendering your home is a brilliant way to add extra value to your property, while at the same time providing a low maintenance wall finish. What better way to spend your tax refund!