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Rendering a Home Can Increase it’s Value

With today’s property market being so competitive, homeowners are always looking for inexpensive and attractive ways to update and improve their house’s appearance. Rendering is a relatively easy approach to updating a home and camouflaging surface imperfections. Render is a substance that can be applied to the exterior of both new and existing houses, giving the building an attractive modern look, that is ideally low maintenance, and adds a fantastic boost to any property’s value.

Rendering Raises Property Value

As with any major home improvements, having a home rendered will significantly impact your property value. Because the cost of rendering is quite low compared to other resurfacing techniques, you won’t have to spend a fortune and you will receive the highest return possible on your investment if you choose to go ahead. Rendering has an average lifespan of about 15 years, making it a huge selling point for potential buyers, and is highly protective of the structure it’s applied to, shielding it from the elements and other harmful exposures, and making sure your property value is protected.

Ideal Surfaces for Rendering

There are many surfaces that are suitable for rendering. Due to its versatility, render can be used on exterior or interior walls, made from such materials as brick, concrete, or stone.

Proper preparation of the surface being rendered is crucial for an ideal application. Surfaces should be properly washed and rinsed, free from dirt and grime, and treated with an anti fungicide if necessary. Existing paint needs to be removed in order for the render to adhere properly.

Render is available in various materials, including cement, acrylic and plaster, as well as can be tinted to various different colours.

Application should be done only in good weather conditions, being careful to avoid too much moisture, wind or direct sunlight for optimal curing, and can be finished using several different techniques, each offering a unique appearance.

Rely on a Professional

Rendering requires a certain skill level to assure longevity, and attractive finishing from the method.

It is always recommended to hire and rely on the services of a professional to be sure you will be satisfied with the outcome, and that all the work is guaranteed.

A professional will advise you on the most ideal materials and application or your particular home, and will execute the process confidently, and with skill, allowing you to feel assured your money is being invested in the safest and most appropriate manner.