November 05 2016 0Comment

Protect Your Old Brickwork with Render

Aged brickwork can look good, giving a property a kind of period charm, but when it starts to crack and crumble you know it is time for some remedial work.

What causes brickwork damage?

The most common cause of cracking in old brickwork is usually moisture damage and the problem is that the exposed inner brickwork will soften and deteriorate further, especially if the walls were originally constructed using poor-quality brick. Even on the Sunshine Coast where we are blessed with a great climate, buildings can still suffer dampness because of central heating or plumbing leaks. If the damage to the brickwork is too extensive then the ideal solution is to render the building.

Fixing the damage and protecting for later

The first thing to do is to dry out the damaged areas then repair and seal if necessary to avoid damaging the render coating after it is applied. It is important to apply the correct rendering material if the building is to be protected and kept looking good for years to come and this is when it is a good idea to consult a professional who can advise on the right way to go. There are several different render materials but many buildings were traditionally covered in cement render; however this type of render isn’t suitable for older brickwork, which actually needs to ‘breathe’, that is, allow any water absorbed to evaporate; and cement render can keep moisture in. But with modern render materials, such as acrylic, polymer or lime, (which is more breathable and has actually been in use for hundreds of years), a lovely old brick building can be made beautiful again and protected to give it a new lease of life.

Using modern materials

Modern acrylic renders are flexible so can withstand the normal expansion and contraction of brickwork as it fluctuates with the temperature. All modern renders will protect against water, dirt and whatever the weather wants to throw at it! You can even get coloured or textured render so whatever style or period the brickwork of your property is you can achieve an attractive modern finish and if you decide on a colour finish to an acrylic render you will save money by not needing to paint it.

A professionally applied render can make all the difference to how your property looks year on year and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can rely on a company with years of experience is priceless.