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May 29 2018 0Comment

New Story Reveals its First 3D Printed Home

San Francisco-based not-for-profit New Story has recently revealed its first 3D-printed home. The cement home, in Austin, Texas, is the first of many houses that New Story will print in partnership with building innovators ICON in a bid to end the homelessness and insecure housing affecting 1 billion of the world’s population. A tall order […]

April 29 2018 0Comment

Things to Look for in Your Rendering Company

First of all, you shouldn’t try to do your own rendering or plastering, no matter how good you think you’ll be. Rendering is a highly-skilled job which has its own techniques, tools and even scaffolding, so you need a professional. Here’s what to look for in your ideal rendering company. It’ll have great reviews Not […]

March 29 2018 0Comment

Why Rendering is the Ideal Exterior Solution

You can choose pretty much any exterior surface you want nowadays, from aluminium cladding to old-fashioned bricks, but many people are choosing cement rendering due to, among other factors, its versatility. It also works for interior rendering, but it’s outside that it comes into its own – it’s cost-effective and comes in different colours for […]

January 10 2018 0Comment

How Often Should You Paint Your Home?

The exterior of your house tells a story to everyone passing by. A house in good repair isn’t always easy to see, as a lot of the signs are inside. The exterior, on the other hand, tells it loud and proud (or not, as the case may be). It’s important to maintain your external paint […]

January 03 2018 0Comment

When Does Your Exterior Need Re-rendering?

Good-quality render is very durable indeed; in fact, you can expect it to last for at least 20 years, maybe even 40 or more. In Europe and the UK there are some buildings with centuries-old render still clinging to the walls… However, eventually, due to the action of sun, rain, winds and general wear and […]

December 27 2017 0Comment

Preparing to Hang Wallpaper

If you’ve been redecorating or even renovating, then wallpaper is most often the final stage in the journey. You’ve been tiles, plastered, rendered, sanded, blasted, painted and stripped, so you’ll be relieved to start on this last leg. However, this is no time to rush; you need to take as much care with wallpapering as […]

December 20 2017 0Comment

Getting Ready for a Big Paint Job

The painting itself is actually quite fun and can be done and dusted (well, once it’s dry, anyway…) in no time. The tiresome stuff comes before you crack open that can (of paint, that is) and get going. Yes, you have to make sure you’re fully prepared for it. It’s dull, but it’s necessary and […]

December 13 2017 0Comment

What IS Rendering?

You’ve probably heard people talking about getting their house rendered and you may or may not have wondered what it means exactly. If you did wonder and found out at the time, great; if not, read on to fill in the gaps. Rendering is the application of cement to (usually) the external walls of a […]

November 29 2017 0Comment

Coping with Renovations

Work with what you have Unless you want to tear down your house and build it up again entirely, renovations are limited by what you already have. If your bathroom has a north-facing window, it’s never going to be a sun-trap, so why not bring in an enclosed hamam-style to your ablutions? Once you’ve come […]

November 22 2017 0Comment

How to Stay Sane While Your House is Being Rendered

Rendering your house is something you’ll probably only do once or twice in your lifetime, unless you’re a developer, in which case you most likely won’t be living in the place while it’s done… So, if you’re a rendering newbie, you’re probably wondering how on earth you’re going to get through it unscathed. Have no […]