Improve the Street Appeal of your Home


Street appeal has a rather large impact on a home, including its value and desirability. Small details can have a big impact on the overall presentation of a house, who doesn’t love a fresh and welcoming exterior to greet them everyday? There are many things homeowners can do on a variety of scales to improve the street appeal and create a more appealing, pleasing atmosphere.

Consider following some of these suggestions to spruce up your exterior space.

Clean Up the Yard and Garden

The first and most basic step in cleaning up the outdoors of your property is just that, cleaning.

Ensure that the grass is mowed neatly, the area is free of garbage and debris, and flowerbeds are weeded and mulched. Good general maintenance is imperative and will directly affect the appearance of your home. How the face of your house looks should be considered as well. Scrape and freshen any peeling paint, be sure the porch and front fixtures are in good repair, and make sure the sidewalks and pathways are tidy and free from cracks.

Consider rendering

Protecting and improving the outside of your home is beneficial to increasing your curb appeal. Make sure you consider rendering to protect your exterior, with the added bonus rendering can have to your exterior design. Render can come in many different colours and can add a visually pleasing effect to your home, whilst protecting it from the elements.

Add Beautiful Plants and Foliage

Make the space surrounding your home beautiful by strategically placing flowers and plants around the property. Flowers in the garden beds and in planters and window boxes add charming touches of colour and nature about, making the area more inviting. Hedges and other greenery are suitable for making perimeters and defining spaces. Bushes and small trees can be ideal for hiding unsightly blemishes on structures and adding good vertical sightlines. When choosing plants and foliage, be sure to consider the amount of care and ideal growing environment. There are many low maintenance plants that will look fantastic and require little to no attention after planting.

Create Visual Interest

Adding elements of visual interest is a great way to draw attention to your home. Ideas for incorporating attention grabbing details include a fresh coat of paint on the front door, adding new, bold house numbers, purchasing a creative mailbox, and using attractive patio furniture to create an outdoor living space, ideal for entertaining. Small but charming accents like a quaint light post, or piece of stained glass can add elements of creativity and individuality to a property.

As you can see, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to improve the look of your home from the outside. Follow the tips above and you could see your curb appeal increase dramatically.