November 22 2017 0Comment

How to Stay Sane While Your House is Being Rendered

Rendering your house is something you’ll probably only do once or twice in your lifetime, unless you’re a developer, in which case you most likely won’t be living in the place while it’s done…

So, if you’re a rendering newbie, you’re probably wondering how on earth you’re going to get through it unscathed. Have no fear, help is here…

First of all, tell the neighbours

It’s a good idea to tell your neighbours you’re having your rendering done. It’s a courtesy for a start, and secondly, you may need to use their bathroom and/or kitchen for a day or two if you have no running water or a room is out of bounds. Make sure you give them a nice bottle of wine once it’s all over.

Put down carpet protectors

Sometimes, when a big DIY project is about to start, you can’t wait to get on with it and you skip the prep. With rendering or plastering, this is not a wise move. If you have a wooden floor, a sheet is enough of a protector, as long as you secure it right to the edges and in the corners. If you have carpets, though, you’ll need something stronger, like thicker dust sheets. You should also put them over any furniture that you can’t move. Rendering can get dusty and if you want to save on the deep carpet cleaning when you’re done, spend some time on the sheets.

Open the windows

Once the workmen have left for the day, open the windows to let the dust and the moisture out. This helps the render to dry out faster and it also helps to reduce the smell and the dust down the line. If you have a strong fan or two, all the better.

Hold on and be patient

It’s a tough old job, but it’s a big one. Your walls are important and they need to be given time to dry out. Leave it as long as you can before even thinking about painting or wallpapering, because if it’s still got some water in, that’ll ruin the paint and the wallpaper job and you’ll have to start again.